UtopiTrade will be a venue for a new type of shopping. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact they have on the world around them. UtopiTrade provides a way to make socially conscious shopping more accessible. People are demanding fair trade, charitable and sustainable goods because they want to make a difference in the world. Help UtopiTrade change the world­ - one good at a time.

UtopiTrade seeks to empower companies that are focused on social change. Whether they are a Fair Trade supporter, have a truly sustainable green story, or are a 1 for 1 advocate, UtopiTrade will amplify their socially conscious voice. The goal is to be a marketplace for independently owned businesses, some federally registered non­profits, and some socially conscious for-profit businesses. UtopiTrade will unite buyers and sellers of fair trade, charitable, and sustainable goods.

Partner with us

There is a growing trend for businesses to focus on corporate social responsibility and this includes sustainability, charity and fair trade. These forward thinking companies are on the right path. Partnering with UtopiTrade will give your company an opportunity to demonstrate your concerns for the future of our world. Companies that already have a clear sustainable voice, can use UtopiTrade as a partner to help them expand their goodw ill to fair trade, and charities. In converse there are lots of companies that are known for their charitable organizations. By partnering with UtopiTrade these companies could also back the sustainability movement and become a louder voice for fair trade.

UtopiTrade will install an established process to verify a product's authenticity in fair trade, sustainability, and/or charitable affiliation that can easily be communicated to the public for you.